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Our Goals

Rooting on Me, Inc's goal is to “give children the roots of responsibilities and the wings of independence.” ~Denis Waitley

Rooting on Me, Inc is a dynamic 501C3 nonprofit organization committed to fostering wellness and community service in underserved areas. Our current focus revolves around the profound impact family and community engagement have on the mental health and development of youth.

We aspire to make a lasting impact, envisioning a future where our efforts culminate in the establishment of a youth summer camp and afterschool program within three to five years. Our initiatives center on raising awareness and incorporating healthy self-care practices, communication, and relationship-building both within and outside the home.


At the core of our mission are activities that facilitate joint learning among youth and parents, addressing learned behaviors that significantly impact mental health and relationship development. We tackle key sectors such as the 8 areas of self-care, effective nonverbal and verbal communication, self and social awareness, planning and adjusting, and spending quality time with both family and the broader community.


Our ultimate goal is to elevate self-esteem, strengthen family support systems, and enhance the overall quality of life for every member of under-resourced communities. Guided by Denis Waitley's wisdom, we aim to "give children the roots of responsibilities and the wings of independence."

We are not merely hosting free events; we are laying the foundation for enduring mental and emotional well-being in communities that have been historically neglected, physically, mentally, and economically. Join us on this transformative journey as we cultivate roots of responsibility and wings of independence for a brighter future.

Mission Statement

Rooting on Me, Inc. mission is to empower youth and families to thrive in life through

craft-based self-help education, fostering personal growth and community betterment..

Vision Statement

We envision a world where quality of life is at its highest and most important to every individual regardless of generation, financial status, or educational background.

Core Values

Our core values are trust, honesty, respect, equality, and compromise.

Invite Us Out

Advocating Together For A Better Tomorrow

Let us share with your youth what positive impact self care, communication and outside support could have on their mental health development and lives.
Request the Rooting On Me's family at your next big event.

Guiding Principles





Foster Curiosity. 

We believe in allowing opportunities to explore and evaluate self and experiences as much as possible to identify true feelings and thoughts.

Provide Accurate Information.

We believe in providing current and correct information to help individuals gain a clear understanding of cause and effect on behavior.

Identify Access.

We believe in providing different avenues that give individuals new ways to cope and heal though healthy communication and acceptance.

Take Action.

We believe in taking daily action to reinforce value in self awareness and self care as one grow and explore new experiences, environments and social change.

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