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Our Program

Support, Self-Care, Independence, Success

Rooting On Me, Inc. consists of a program that caters to helping our youth and families build healthy wellness practices, strong supports systems, resilience, and heighten their quality of life. Our well-rounded volunteers along with our program will assist adolescents and families with more opportunities to engagement with each other and grow in and outside their home. Rooting on Me, Inc. wants to help decrease the worry of failure and challenge all individuals to break negative generational & behavior cycles to push themselves towards self sufficiency & success. In particularly we would like to decrease violence during periods of stress and build more mentally and emotionally stable individuals throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. The importance of learning how to properly self care, communicate, cope, & overcome adversity will produce lasting change in underserved families and communities. The goal is to ultimately teach youth and parents lasting healthy, easily incorporated practices of taking an active role in protecting their own well-being and happiness.

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An Opportunity To Help Our Youth

Would you like to volunteer for Rooting On Me's next event in the community ? Contact us now to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Help Along The Way

Help Along the Way will provide information, activities, and community events to youth & families that spark positive conversations about self care, generational cycles/behaviors, and community activities/resources to use if mental health factors become too much to bear. This program will help teach techniques to build youth confidence & feelings of competence while giving parents tools to create safe, caring, & trusting relationships. By providing a place that promotes positive self-image, open communication, healthy relationship development & individuality we hope to foster more homes with self love, acceptance and growth. Our events give youth & parents more quality opportunities to create positive family learning, memories, emotional outlets, and encouragement of one another without inconsistent and unfair expectations. 

What's included?

  • Seasonal giveaways

  • Self Care Workshops/Fairs

  • Mother/Daughter & Father/Son Dinners/Events

  • Family Engagement Community Events

Plans for the Future for Afterschool

Students learn basic life skills that include: money management, cooking, cleaning, laundry, using transportation, recycling, nutrition, health, and personal hygiene skills. This Life Skills Program integrates social-emotional, motor, academic, and language skills through functional activities that promote self-confidence and introduce new opportunities for the future.

What's included?

  • SEL, Mindfulness, Wellness, Civic Engagement, Arts & Crafts

  • Skill development in decision making, time management, interpersonal relationships, team building, and independent living.

  • Hour 1: Mindfulness Hour. Hour 2: "Talk About" Hour (separated by gender). Hour 3: Skill Building Together. Hour 4: Eat and Exchange.

Future Plan for Summer Camp

Financial literacy and capability is knowing how to spend money wisely, manage credit, and plan for the future. Financial capability is an effective way to help youth, no matter their circumstances, avoid common financial vulnerabilities and build economic stability. Youth should be educated about finances early in life and at pivotal points in their development and financial lives. Having a higher financial literacy is associated with: less credit card debt, higher savings rates, and  fewer personal bankruptcies. Every youth will participates in age-appropriate lessons of financial literacy. Our scholars are learning skills that will enable them to create financial plans, become entrepreneurs, and be contributing members of their community.

What's included?

  • Students will select a career path, family size, and living arrangements according to interest and learn financial literacy through real life role playing and scenarios.

Be The Change You Want To See

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